Introduction to the Software-Defined Networking

Course ID: NSDN01

An independent course presenting pros and cons of Software-Defined Networking as well as strengths and weak points of particular SDN deliverers' offers.

The training is presented by a professional trainer who has wide experience in network administration on a large scale. The seminar is aimed at network engineers who would like to understand what SDN is. It will prepare its participants to conscious software-defined network implementation.

An outline:

A. Basic questions about the SDN technology.
What is Software-Defined Networking?
The prodcers of network equipment use SDN concept to describe various mechanisms. In tis part of course implementation differences, opportunities and limitations will be discussed.
What is OpenFlow?
OpenFlow is a protocol which appears while SDN implementation by some producers. Different versions of the protocol will be described in this section. Also, restraints of protocol implementation in network equipment depending on specification will be prestented.

B. SDN controller.
SDN controller - a brain of the network.
An idea of central network management is known for a while, but the conception of central management in SDN is different. This part of the seminar will present functional guidelines.

C. A demonstration of the working SDN.

D. Training summary.
Advantages and risks of SDN implementation. When and why is it worth to use SDN? How to plan a network development to be ready for SDN implementation?

Course ID: NSDN01-EN

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Duration: 1 day

Price: 800 eur net

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