About Narmox

Narmox has been founded by a group of programmers, engineers and application designers. The team has wide experience and unique IT knowledge. Our skills, commitment and effective teamwork enable us to understand the needs, merge different disciplines, and create functional IT solutions for the business clients.


Narmox specialises in designing, implementation and servicing of innovative IT solutions based on the latest conceptions (as OpenFlow technology). We do our best to create applications in accordance with received standards and our inner strict efficiency and quality norms.

We meet needs of clients from diverse economic sectors. We are able to offer optimal solutions contained by our ready-to-use product Narmox OFC Basic, but also to expand it with specific functions demanded by a client. Our applications' characteristics are efficiency and user-friendly interface, what is reflected by clients' satisfaction.

We look forward to the next challenge!

Narmox Sp. z o.o.
AL. Kasztanowa 3A-5
53-125 Wrocław
Tel.: +48 22 266 03 73
E-mail: contact@narmox.com